An award winning nose

The creator of The Social, Olivier Cresp is a genius of perfumery, a nose of international fame. We owe him famous fragrances for the most famous fashion labels, from Cerruti, to Gauthier to Dior. Each new project is an exciting and creative new challenge for him.

He put his soul and talent in The Social as well as his infinite knowledge, to interpret aseductive, transgressive, modern, romantic and adventurous femininity, with original ingredients of the highest quality.

Born in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, he has a natural talent, inherited from the genes of the family: his ancestors already cultivated roses and jasmine, and his brothers are all professional perfumers.

Olivier Cresp was honored with the title Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres from the French Ministry of Culture in 2012. Olivier Cresp, master perfumer at Firmenich, has been announced as the Fragrance Foundation’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement Perfumer Award recipient.

You know me


The intense, sour and fragrant look of the Mediterranean sun


A sharp, feminine and nervous tenacity, alive in the shadows of the undergrowth


Innocence, velvety like your skin caressed and kissed by the summer sun


The touch of a delicate mood that blooms spontaneously when you wake up wild


The classic and timeless elegance of your poise, a note that knows no age


A sincere sweetness, the light that blossoms from the fair bark of those who never give up


Joy is a light, very sweet feeling, a wind of laughter that take your breath away


Sensuality has no rules and sinks into the soft mood of your shadow


Fantasies of distant beaches and exotic adventures: an aura that follows you in dreams and real life.

Like you. Like it.

The Social, an inimitable alchemy of fragrances telling the essence of femininity, highlights your every nuance, enhance your every characteristic, with high quality raw materials, 100% made in Italy.

The minimal, elegant, Italian design tells a world of creativity, freedom and beauty, but also accuracy, professionalism, candor and character.

From bergamot, to musk, to wild water lily, The Social speaks of you, of your way of being with others and of distinguishing yourself among others.

“The Social, is the essence of your way of being original, unprejudiced, brilliant, chic, confident.”

“Biting, sweet and wild … come on, let’s go!”

The Social is changing like your character, rich in accents and nuances, always surprising and original.

The Social has the intense look of bergamot, the tenacity of currant, the innocence of white peach, the wild determination of water lily, the elegance of rose, the sincerity of almond blossoms, the joy of vanilla, the sensuality of musk and the scent of exotic woods that evoke distant beaches and adventures.

High quality essences, orchestrated in an inimitable alchemy, to highlight a contemporary, cool, determined and creative woman.