Today I feel special

It’s here. The Social, the perfume that is like you

The Social is the essence of your being social, as the protagonist of a community of free, contemporary, chic, seductive, informed women. The Social has a whole wardrobe of colors for every occasion and every mood.

The Social, an inimitable alchemy of fragrances telling the essence of femininity, highlights your every nuance, enhance your every characteristic, with high quality raw materials, 100% made in Italy.

“Before creating a perfume I begin to live with the women who embody it, I try to understand their essence, I steal a part of them by giving back a perfume with a DNA.”

About me

I want to tell you about me, I want to tell you that I fell in love: I fell in love with an essence that suits me and represents me.

I am stubborn and I do not allow others to decide for me.

Zoe is the name I chose, It doesn’t matter if it’s mine or not but it’s the one I feel. I want to be myself, not the person others expect me to be: a determined woman who does and will do everything to achieve her dreams.

I am looking for people like me who do not set limits and who do not allow others to stop them.

I would like to know you better: would you like to tell me your story?

“Like you. Like it.”


A sharp, feminine and nervous tenacity, alive in the shadows of the undergrowth


The classic and timeless elegance of your poise, a note that knows no age


Sensuality has no rules and sinks into the soft mood of your shadow


Innocence, velvety like your skin caressed and kissed by the summer sun


A sincere sweetness, the light that blossoms from the fair bark of those who never give up


Fantasies of distant beaches and exotic adventures: an aura that follows you in dreams and real life.


The touch of a delicate mood that blooms spontaneously when you wake up wild


Joy is a light, very sweet feeling, a wind of laughter that take your breath away


The intense, sour and fragrant look of the Mediterranean sun

Prodotti in primo piano